Terms of Use

  1. You are welcome on the online platform, located at:tradeevo.com (the “Platform”), which is devoted to awesome dropshipping possibilities, and where you can start selling goods on your website without any complications and right today.
  2. Please, pay attention that Platform is now operating in the test mode, so any bug, error or technical malfunction may occur. Should you discover any such bug, error or malfunction notify us thereon by sending e-mail to [email protected].
  3. You are granted to use the Platform operating "as is". That means you are given no guaranty of Platform use, functionality, correctness and meeting of your plans and goals of its use. Pay attention that during the test mode, the Platform, its functions, features, speed of its opertion, quantity of its users etc. may change substantially.
  4. You are using the Platform at your own discretion and at your own risk. However you are striclty forbidden to use any prohibited or deleterious software, including viruses or fishing programs, using the Platform.
  5. We are free to deny you to use the Platform at our sole discretion, as well as delete your registration data (“Account” is its stipulated in the Privacy Policy) from the Platform.
  6. Note, that the Platform is not intended for use by minors. So if you are 16 years old or younger – you are prohibited to use the Platform without direct and explicit consent of your parents of legal guardians, which has to be sent to [email protected]. In all other case we will have to block your Platform use once we are aware you are 16 or below.
  7. Please, pay attention, that there is Privacy Policy on the Platform and you have to strictly agree with it in order to use the Platform and its functionality.
  8. These terms of use are valid for the whole period until it is replaced or cancelled by its newer version or any other document on the Platform, as the case may be.